Preperations and progress

2014-01-16 00:53:07 by ElectroJoe

Going back to college soon and overally my winter vacation was gr8! Nice Christmas, A lot of animating done and got to go to magfest 12 which I must say was a ton of fun. Encountered a lot of guests there, got a lot of photos and videos, played some fun games I never got a chance to play and enjoyed every panel I got to go to! I also got a new channel for the footage I got. Hopefully I can get more the next time I go and with a more relyable camera. I might update that channel with other videos asside from convention footage.

Animation wise, While I wasn't able to accomplish as much as I hoped, I did finish the animation portion of the second scene and now I just have to do the coloring and backgrounds. I plan on doing the last 2 scenes (the first and third) in college during my spare time. I'm hoping they're easier to do, though I also want to experiment with them. It basically depends on how much spare time I'm able to give myself according to how hard my classes are. Last semester I have a couple tedious classes and they were extreamly difficult to progress through and left me mentally exausted. I was able to find time in November after they eased up. This semester, the classes are more in my range and have some professors I've had before so depending on the start of the year I might be able to accomplish a lot, though I'm just hoping I'm able to do something each day for the video (like coloring and backgrounds) if I can't do any animation.

I've had a busy vacation overall planning on college stuff for the summer and running for track, but I'm satisfied with what I got done so far. The paintings I also made last semester will also be put on newgrounds so expect to see them soon!


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2014-01-16 01:30:28

Keep up the hard work, man. You'll go places!

ElectroJoe responds:

Thanks! I'll make sure to deliver the hard work as best I can!