Current plans and thoughts for 2015

2015-01-06 16:02:32 by ElectroJoe


2015 is here and I’ve been starting up plans for new animations and I’m currently storyboarding the next animation, which will be a pokemon parody.


Haven’t been able to post to my Newgrounds’ blog in quite a while because I had a very busy fall semester in college with five very time consuming classes. Aside from Swinging into Size, I was able to make a couple animations for one of the classes, though one of the videos I posted is Youtube exclusive since it was an animation made in a day and I didn’t find it worthy for a release on Newgrounds since it’s just very rushed line work with no colors or backgrounds. I also have another animation currently unreleased since I’m still cleaning parts of it up, which I’ll hopefully post to both Newgrounds and Youtube.


While I wasn’t able to release too much content in 2014, I still had a very successful year regarding animation. I was able to create a couple animations that got great reception and are definitely helped give an idea on what to focus on and fix up for future animations. Pretty much expected 2014 to be the year where I’d only be able to create a few animations and I’m glad I was able to make at least 3 that are available as well as a couple more I mentioned earlier.


Right now for animation I’m focusing on a Pokemon Parody making fun of egg hatching and as soon as I’ve got enough of the storyboards done I’ll make a post to the Voice Acting forum, the collaboration section for movies and a post here where I’ll state the specific voices I’m looking for. I definitely want to move on from using my own voice in my animations and give the characters greater vocal diversity.


Hopefully next time I post, I’ll have an update for the animation and the voice acting search, so if anyone reading this is a voice actor, keep this post in mind and hopefully within a week or the month I’ll make the official post!


Aside from that, I’ve been occupied with some college work and preparing for my last semester in college where I’m taking an animation class that will hopefully allow me to make a few more short cartoons. Aside from that I’ll be graduating and I’m looking forward to it!


There are also conventions this year I want to go to and record, though my schedule has been iffy so I might try to go to the ones I haven’t gone to yet that are not in the way.


Here is my second animation I made for one of my college class assignments.



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