Work Beyond Summer

2015-07-24 01:03:56 by ElectroJoe

Been busy lately with some animation work along with preparation for the fall. First of all, I’ve changed my internet alias from SupaSphoje to ElectroJoe to remove the issue of pronunciation O_o. Might add onto the name soon as I’ve recently found the name has been used a couple times around the internet (oops :P) though the main name won’t drastically change. I’ve also just finished a Sleepycast Animation  ( and have been preparing for the Pokemon parody, with voice acting from JoePorter134 ( and EthanAlways (, along with music from Alec (slaleky) Shea! ( Going to be taking my time with this animation as I want to experiment with a more detailed style and I’ll also be busy during the fall at a new college for animation. Last college didn’t have a focus in animation (I majored in Varts) and it’s been difficult to find time to gain experience with different mediums of animation and different programs, along with building a consistent portfolio.

I’ll be posting some samples from my animation such as GIFs and artwork on twitter so keep an eye out if you’re curious! I’m also considering posting some old videos that I either deleted or never released, with most of them going to my extra channel.

As for now, I’m set on the pre production of the animation! I might ask around for background artists later on depending on the general flow of the animation.

Until next time, see ya!


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2015-07-24 01:19:23

well if you ever need a VA/VO artiest to take some of the slack off then let me know. ill do any thing to make your life easier.... well as long as its not porn yo. also know a lot about pokemon. if that means any thing. heh heh wink wink nudge nudge.