My 30sec school film, Cellular Distraction, is up!

2016-06-18 00:25:10 by ElectroJoe

Recenlty posted my 30 second film, Cellular Distraction to newgrounds and youtube. Give em' a watch when ya can!



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2016-06-18 15:45:11

Groovy, how long did you have to make this?

ElectroJoe responds:

Overall, the class focused on this project through the entire spring semester (about 4 1/2ish months). I started animating In the middle of march during out spring break and focused on getting it done through the weekends afterwards (usually every Friday-Sunday). The first two months were focused on pre-production and fine-tuning our stories between each member of the class.


2016-06-20 17:43:05

It was just between you and the sound guy, right? He should've used a pitch shift when remastering the female voice, otherwise pretty clean.... hope you scored better than him ;)

ElectroJoe responds:

Lol nah, he was able to cover what I let him know for the requirements (specifically keeping the sound withing the given requirements from our faculty). The sister's voice was purposefully left unaltered since the class liked what I had done with the voices, with a few saying they felt the absurd muppet like voices helped exaggerate the frustration of the characters. I'll definitely bring in more voice actors for the next films where the overall scenario for the story calls for it lol. Speaking of which, my next personal work brought in more voices so there will certainly be some variety there!