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Next videos

2012-08-24 23:41:01 by ElectroJoe

Hi everyone. Looks like Faster than Lightning got off to a decent start. Not as good as I though it would be (kind of, sort of hoping for a p-bot's pick), but still good to know that they got added to the site and one of the episodes got 3 stars.

For now I'll be taking a break from animating as well as making Faster than Lighting episodes. Right now I'll be planning out future episodes, but will also make some shorter stand alone videos. The reason why I want to do so is to experiment on making entertaining animated videos that are short (around 1min 30sec) and see if I can make them more consistent in pace because I felt that was a major flaw in my Faster than Lighting episodes.

I'm planning to make at least 2 stand alone videos in the future. One i'm keeping secret (will be more of an experimental piece of animation), but one I can share which is working under the title called, Mother-Son relationship. Essentially the video will sort of be a bunch of moments of a mother and son interacting, the mother being very mean and evil sounding (she will sound familiar to one of my characters in my current videos) and a shy son who is scolded at, regardless of how well behave he is (being very well behaved). This one I'm hoping is 1min 30sec long and may even be entirely stop motion (traditional) animation. Never the less, this one will definitely be funny. I guarantee it.

In the case of Faster Than Lightning, I'm going to make episodes between 5-7min long and see if I can make some of them more stand alone so new viewers can enjoy the episode for what they are, at least for the animation boosts I will put in each episode, but I'll make sure the conversation moments aren't as static.

I'll be busy for the time being since I'm back at college, but I'll see if I can get at least the Mother-Son video out before the end of the year.

Thanks for the views and await more entertainment in the future!

First Videos

2012-08-12 22:26:45 by ElectroJoe

Hello there everyone, the name's supasphoje, an I hope to contribute many flash animated videos here starting this week. I'm am somewhat of a novice to flash animation as I've only taken a few classes. Though never the less, I very much intend to get stronger in flash in the future on the technical side and improve my overall animation technique. I have some skills in stop motion animation and I will definetly apply those skill in as many videos that I have.

To make my videos, I use
Adobe Flash CS5.5
Wacom Tablet
ATR2100-USB mic (with pop filter)

I am currently starting a flash animated series called Faster Than Lightning (FTL), a series about how two runners along with friends that they meet along the way must stop a lightning bolt with an evil will and mysterious motives.

I plan to release the first 2 episode this week. The first episode being monday and the second on friday (if not, then sometime next week if I can't complete it in time). Episode 1 of Faster Than Lightning will briefly introduce the characters and a brief discusion on how the Bio-Bolt (the lightning monster) came to be. Episode 2 will reviel the character's abilities as well as what motives they have. This episode will also be the most "action packed" as I experiment the most with stop motion movements and differnet frame rates they should go at. Also a little warning about both episodes is that I used a different mic for both so their will be some disruptive and static audio (mainly episode 1 which I made earlier this summer).

I'll admit that the series woun't have the most consistent animation, the voice acting might be lacking, but I promise that the series will be a fun one to watch. Wish I could have released this series sooner in the summer (due to my job, XC training and a class that lasted much too long), but hey, better late than never! To me Faster Than Lightning is setting a small standard as an animator, and hopefully I can build off it and make more series in due time.

My older animation, as well as prievews for Faster Than Lightning, can be found on my youtube channel.