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Thank heavens I've finally got that flower animation done! (Watch Here - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/629317) I can finally take a brief break from animation and focus on finishing final projects in college. I was hoping I could get this out sooner, but the middle of October gave me a butt-ton of work which absolutely put me to a halt with the animation. I decided to focus more on my work and wait until the year calmed down for me. I finally got back to work early this November and finished everything over the thanksgiving break. Not my best fall semester, but he, at least I submitted a solid animation before the year was up.

Originally, I planned to do a Digimon animation right after the flower animation, but I feel that will have to wait. I'm having some trouble deciding how to parody Digimon (I've got a basic parody plot, but still thinking of solid jokes), and I feel I need to parody more familiar franchises for now. I've been hearing form many animators that It's best to start out with parody animations and then move into original work once you've got a solid audience and have enough practice in animating. I don't want to say I don't like making original work, because I do. I enjoy it strongly and want to continue to make more in the future, with a distant dream of creating my own series, once I have the technology, sources and experience to do so.

I feel 2014 will be the year where I focus on making parody work. I'll still be putting in the same amount of work as I usually do for my animation. Several parody ideas have been constantly going through my head and I feel now is the time to express them. The Brainscratch animation and the Pokemon X and Y animations, while parodies, don't exactly work as full out parodies for me with the Brainscratch one being an animation to commentary and the X and Y animation I felt was more of an experiment with parodies and dragged a bit. However, I still plan on making more original work next year though, with a few I'm thinking of next year involving college projects.

My next animation likely will be a parody of Sonic The Hedgehog and Miley Cyrus. I've found a unique and silly way to combined the two, so it's certainly possible ;). If that's not first, then I'll will probably be another commentary animation. I got a lot of nice feedback on my Youtube channel and I certainly would like to thank the feedback by doing another. I still plan on doing the Hellbenders animation, though that won't be released on Newgrounds for reasons I'll specify later.

Anyways, I'm happy where I am, the year is going out strongly and I plan on coming out of the fall semester of college successful.

I might make an update after I finish my finals, on my plans for animations I'm siting on, so until next time, take care!

Ending Some Tediousness

2013-11-01 03:02:38 by ElectroJoe

It's been way too long since I've made one of these posts. Basically, I've been busy with a lot of college work and I've been left exhausted every day, unable to get to my animation. I don't just deal with regular class work, but I also run for cross country. A rather interesting combination every time I think about it, cross country and animating. It's probably the reason, why several of my animations involve running :).
Anyway, I'm beginning to enter a more flexible period in college. Cross country is ending in a little over a week (just 2 more races) and I'm finally getting class selections finalized. Hopefully, I will be able to go back to my hour a day animating plan and make some progress with my 40second flower animation. I'm planning on making some easier animations in the winter after I finish my flower animation. I have a Digimon Fusion parody planned, and a Hellbenders parody too.
For now, I'm doing fine overall and I'm glad November is here. Like I said, the busy parts are ending and I have more flexibility to focus on regular college work. I've actually been in a painting class and I might post a few paintings up on Newgrounds. Speaking of posting material, I posted a few new images earlier this fall and I created a deviant art page posting previews to my next animation. (click here http://supasphoje.deviantart.com/). The last few weeks were absolutely filled to the brim with work, but it's slowing down now and I can definitely make progress on animating later this month.

Actually, I've been fixing some bugs my tablet has been having and it's been working for me so far (problems that have hindered me many times before in the past year). See ya in November!

Ending Summer Vacation

2013-08-13 16:50:05 by ElectroJoe

Well, summer vacation for me is ending and soon I’ll be returning to college. Summer was certainly busier than I imagined, but I was still able to make some new animations and submit some of my charcoal drawings to newgrounds. Definitely more successful than the last summer where I only submitted 2 cartoons (most of the footage was actually made before summer even began).
Got to experiment with more human proportions in the Outside the Silver Fight toon and on my youtube page, the video has reached over 2,000 view! Definitely a big step up from my previous animations. While it took longer than I had anticipated, I’m still satisfied with it and will likely make a few more in the future. The video also got a nice comment on the video from somecallmejohnny who was in the audio commentary and does his own well written game reviews. Check him out here!- http://www.youtube.com/user/SomecallmeJohnny. Actually, I forgot to mention before, when I submitted the video, it didn’t show up on newgrounds. Left me concerned, but I was able to submit it again and it showed up (heard of this problem before, and thankfully over came it).
For the pokemon animation I did some more experimentation with including more backgrounds and try out some new sound effects. My friend, who’s internet alias sectoryummy, helped make the backgrounds and surprised me with how much detail he was able to put in the main 4 I used (the space/vortex background in the title is different from the one in the end). I’ll admit it wasn’t my strongest animation and I feel the middle dragged out too long, I feel the ending was definitely one of the funnier moments I made with many of the comments for the video and my friends has stated they liked the end.
Since I’m returning to college, I’ll be holding of on animation. Luckily, this upcoming semester won’t be as busy and hopefully I can practice in my breaks. I can’t guarantee I’ll complete an animated video in college however, since I’ll be dealing with college work and cross-country. I’ll definitely experiment with animating in college and might even try and get one second of animation done each day, but the college work, internship preparations and cross country will come first. Admittedly I wish I had done more animations this summer, but considering how busy it was, I’m luckily that I was able to get 2 animated videos done. For future animations I’ll be taking a quality over quantity approach and not worry on how many I can come out with on every occasion. I’m planning on doing a 30sec animation and then another pokemon parody. I feel I can make a good pokemon parody, but just want one more chance to pull it off. I do plan on watching more tutorials on the moments I can’t animate (hope to experiment with shading). I really want to make these animations worth while in the end and I don't want to stress myself out be giving them constant personal deadlines.
Also, since I’m returning to college, I can create more drawings that I can submit to the newgrounds art portal! I still have a lot of drawings left that I haven’t submitted yet since my house doesn’t have a suitable area to photograph drawings. Expect more art submissions soon! Might make these news updates every few weeks if something significant comes up.

Planning out the Summer

2013-06-25 01:30:35 by ElectroJoe

Glad to have finally taken care of that Brain Scratch Commentaries animation so I can move onto my next animations! For now I'll be taking a break as I have some online class work to do for the rest of July, though I hopefully can work in between the days once my time at my summer job ends. I'm hoping to get in about 2-3 animations this summer, and maybe submit some artwork as I've been holding onto some charcoal drawings for a while from college.

For my next animations I plan on doing 2 parodies of Pokemon. While it seems redundant to have 2 parodies on the same topic, each will revolve around a different subject matter. The first one will parody news that has been released so far for the new games, Pokemon X and Y, though not making fun of the speculation, just the excitement itself and referencing a few old Pokemon. I'm planning on making that an easier animation that will be easy to manage and handle so I can focus on just the dialog, (but still keeping most of the movements frame by frame).

The second pokemon parody will just be a general concept that's been in most of the main games, though I won't spoil anything yet ;).

The 3rd animation might end up being the 2nd animation depending on how the summer goes, though I still plan on doing sometime in the future and I'll be quiet on that animation as well.

Can't say for sure how the summer will go, but I'm glad to have started off on a strong note with my recent animation and I hope to apply that experience to my other animations. Unfortunately I didn't get as much feedback as I hoped for, though it's one of my more higher scoring animations on Newgrounds, and I'm happy with that. For now I'm taking a few weeks off to plan out the rest of the summer and hopefully I can move on after that.

Vacation Animations

2013-05-17 00:52:40 by ElectroJoe

Finally finished with University Work and Now I can finally get to the animations I've wanted to focus on! I do have a few things planned out such as a parody video I mentioned earlier, but I want to get one fun experimental video in first while I rewrite the script and record new audio. I've got some audio complete as well as a few backgrounds so I've got the ball rolling their. The experimental video will be using audio from a let's play and right now I'm just thinking of whom to pick and which video of the selected LP group to animate too. Hopefully this summer will present me with enough opportunities to make a small batch of videos!

Currently I'm doing my final projects for my college and have been quite busy. Luckily one of my projects involves making an 3min animation which I've currently finished 22sec on. For the video, It's essentially about a guy who is building up static electricity to prank a friend of his when he come home. A majority of the video is essentially a 1min 40sec montage (which is what i'm focusing on) and I'm trying different types of environmental animations. since the project is due early in May some parts won't be as fluid depending on my workload with other projects, but I'll definitely be putting in as much effort as I can, and I'll make sure object's aren't tweed too often. I'm also thinking of doing one more charcoal animation for my other class, mixed media, but only time will tell, again depending on how bad the time crunch gets.

As for the parody I mentioned earlier I've been having time issues focusing on it as well. I plan to release before the summer and hopefully move on to some experimental videos with audio from other videos like game commentators (kind of like how game grumps animations work with the fans, but I'm intending to use audio from other commentaries and regular videos).

That's all I can say for now. Back to that project!

Parody probably?

2013-03-07 13:54:10 by ElectroJoe

So far the classes that i've had have allowed me to make more animated content. Not sure when i'll have more projects that will allow me to take that route, but hopefully my video and animation class will allow me to make a final project using flash animation and I'll have more time to animate. I'm still shocked at what I was able to to pull off with the 2 animations I made for these classes (Uphill run,brick breakdown)

For the future, I'm thinking of slowly making a new video, something short again, but i'll have to take my time due to classes. Luckily I've got a vacation coming up so I'll be able to get some voice acting done and a little animation.

It's gonna be a parody! What's it going to be about? Not saying anything yet, but It will be talking more about a recent video game announced, that's my only hint, though probably an easy one to figure out. I held of on doing parodies because I wanted to come onto newgrounds with a few fresh cartoons and since I have 5, I feel the time has come for me to make a few fun parodies. Like I said, the next one is about a video game, and future parodies might mainly be in that same ball park , but I don't mind parodying other stuff like TV series and whatnot.

[edit 3/27/13] It might be a while before I can touch upon the parody. I have a lot of other work to do, lucklie I can still do animation stuff and I can make my final project a flash animation. I'll have to save the parody for the middle of may when I'm free from university stuff.

What I'm actually working on

2013-02-06 19:47:16 by ElectroJoe

Ugg, University work isn't kind, though I will be working on stuff that I can use here and at for academics.

I'm currently making an animation that involves me also using some charcoal art such as backgrounds and small environmental animation. don't know how much i'll be able to do within 6 days, for the animation so it will be very reserved and relying on movie clips for the most part. Thank heavens it's one of my assignments.

I'm also editing a small live action video I made. Nothing professional, but fun.


2013-01-14 13:51:44 by ElectroJoe

Finally released Mother Feral and I must say it was one of the hardest things I've ever worked on for animation and I'm glad to have completed it.

I'll be taking a break from animation, mainly because I'll be returning back to college, though I'll still be planning new animations. I was hoping to have time this January to make 1 or 2 more animations besides Mother Feral, but at least the main video is finally done.

I might make more Mother Feral videos in the future, but I'm going to make shorter, minute long video, and see how well I can bump up my animation skills.

Gonna be making 2013 a quality over quantity year since Faster Than Lighting 1 and 2 were difficult to make since they were so long. Don't know if I'll make more of those, but I'll do something with those characters.

Brief update

2012-10-02 00:58:29 by ElectroJoe

Haven't been able to do much to make a long post, but I have come up with enough material for an update. over a week ago I made test animation for the new cartoon I'm making, now titled- Mother Feral. Essentially what happens in this cartoon is that a very strict mother forces her son to, you guessed it, work to death, despite his son being very well behaved. The mother does care for the son, but this get's mix in with what she want, which is a child that is "pure and strong" to her standards.

Hopefully I'll get this cartoon out, along with a second cartoon, by the end of the year and then go back to Faster Than Lightning. I just want to see how well I can do with a few shorter cartoons. Maybe I'll throw in a third into the mix depending on how my workload goes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXYf-ArCSIY&featu re=results_video