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Clown Robbery Clown Robbery

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm afraid of clowns and therefore this deserve no stars. lol jk.

Solid stuff and one of your strongest works visually. I still laughed at the cartoon, especially when it came to the visual humor like the priest and the scene with the reaction from the fake gun firing off a real bullet.

Love at First A! Love at First A!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Liked the artwork and animation. Very smooth and very good coloring with some good lighting. The anatomy was good on the characters too, though some parts seemed a bit off like the hands and the ears, though weren’t too noticeable. Felt the facial expressions could have been a touch more varied like when the guy and girl made eye contact they have somewhat similar reactions, though the ones where the Cupid character accidently used his real arrows were pretty funny and fit well (liked the girl’s freaked out expression over being impaled).

Writing was simple and followed through well for the most part, though the end felt kind of predictable. I will say I do find it funny that the arrows ended up being real because when they first appeared, I though they were a weird design choice, but ended up being harmful after all in the end lol. What I found predictable and was sort of bland was the brief flashback of the Cupid character getting his arrows and getting the wrong ones as he was running out of time. The timing was fine, but the visual of someone making a mistake because they’re running late has been done many times before. Probably using a bit more context to add to why the Cupid character was running late would have helped exaggerate the joke.

One nitpick I do have is that it seemed odd for the boy and girl to have cupid intervene because both of them already had clear feelings for each other, from what the visuals showed at least. If Cupid’s purpose to be there was to bring the girl even closer to the guy and if there was something stopping them from doing so, then flesh out or highlight that fact.

Liked the simple story and animation, just consider making bolder and more varied choices to the storytelling. Keep it up!

bocodamondo responds:

that nitpick is actually a subtle joke . its that , its pretty obvious that the two fel in love with just the first glimp of each other, so the entire point of the cupid coming and trying to help is unneeded and at the end he even ruins everything (the opposite of what a cupid should do) ^^

The Soy The Soy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Liked the overall story, it felt straightforward while still being very surreal and unexpected, especially in the dialog. Ukinojoe's voice talents is also a funny fit for obama. All the stars are a go here!

On a side note, The dog in the paper with Sasha looked like Darth Vader to me lol. Maybe he'll be in the new Star Wars as the new villain who makes all the Jedi lactose intolerant, forcing all the Jedi into debt since they'll have to pay the bill for soy products.

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Fun Facts About Jumanji Fun Facts About Jumanji

Rated 1 / 5 stars

The fact video felt incredibly lacking and rushed in the writing, pacing and presentation of the trivia. The facts used should have more context to them to give reason to why they’re interesting. Keep searching further for more interviews, more notes on the production history and makes sure the sources are reliable. Like why was the same actor fact at the end a reference to Disney’s Captain Hook and George Darling (Which is the name of Wendy's Father)? Are there production notes that hinted to this fact, like the film crew’s reasons for the choice and if it really a specific reference to Peter Pan? If so, what are they?

The video was hard to follow due to it’s fast pace. If anyone wants to know these facts, don’t have the narrator talk several miles an hour and go right into the next fact a half second later. It needs to be slow so the information can sink in for the audience. At the very least have the narrator talk at a normal pace so the audience can hear what’s being said. I had to keep going back to the first fact because I couldn't distinguish a word he said.

Colors and backgrounds were ok and used well enough to highlight certain elements, but the animation has little movement and sometimes minimal transition to the next movement. Like the way the shoe moves across the ground was very unnatural because it doesn’t react with the ground and the front portion sinks below the part where the whole bottom portion lands. You should consider searching for visual references on specific movements if you want to pull them off. If you only wanted to tween images for animation instead of drawing them frame by frame, that’s fine, but search for tutorials that teach proper and effective tweening instead of moving the shoe across the screen like a piece of stiff paper.

Take time to find strong context with the facts, keep an eye on the pacing, and focus on making the animation presentable.

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SC Animated: The Seagull SC Animated: The Seagull

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nailed it with the visuals. Loved the second slinky shot in Stamper's hands lol.

SmashAdams17 responds:

Thank you friend!

Tennis with Martin Tennis with Martin

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The moving field works really well with the characters changing their angles! Hand drawn animation with 3D environments are always fun to watch, so definitely make more stuff with that if ya can. Also really like how well the characters animate when they're serving and hitting the ball. The only issues I had was the walking movements being a bit off regarding the angle they were positioned at and the last game having somewhat limited ambiance.

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The Best Pokemon! The Best Pokemon!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great art and animation overall! really like how crisp the lines are and how spot on the colors are especially for the honedge. Joke was a tad simple, but the expressions of the characters along with the exaggerated shading and scenery helped with the execution in the end. Keep it up!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty much one of the reasons why I have a strong fondness for Gen V of pokemon, since they're aren't any zubat in Unova for the most part lol.

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Hallowrecked Hallowrecked

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol cute. Liked the use and structure of pure black shadows.

sweetcommando responds:

thanks, it was one of the reasons this took too long

Tail's Halloween Tail's Halloween

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fantastic animation and a fun, simple plot, though I feel the ending could have had more “omf”

Really like the lighting and shadows you have on the characters. Makes them fit in right with the nigh environment. The overall movement of the characters is absolutely fantastic. They move fluidly from position to position very well, especially the walking/running transitions. I also really like the reaction faces that they get, especially on the sonic.exe character. The faces he makes are priceless lol. I guess my only issue with the animation, and this is more of a nitpick, is the amount / positioning of spines on sonic, it seems to slightly alter to me, in one part it looks like a Mohawk (like in the sonic x anime and the first 2 sonic cartoons), but in another it looks like he has one spine on his head and the other 2 are on his back. Probably in the future, consider drawing Sonic’s spines with more consistent placement (a good place to reference the placement for Sonic’s spines when just drawing 3 of them would be the Sonic X anime and if you want to try out 5 spines, go find Sonic and the Black Knight story book styled cut scenes).

I also really liked the use of sound effects. The timing on them is great and they're place appropriately. The use of no dialog also really adds to the overall animation too, definitely giving the atmosphere of sonic.exe.

I liked the overall story and it’s a nice parody on the Sonic.exe game/creepypasta. The only issue I had was the end, which felt a bit underwhelming. Not that it’s short or contradictory, it’s a fine length and the story follows through, it’s that the way the sonic.exe character dies felt abrupt. Tails stabs the sonic.exe character in the eye with a cross and that’s it, like it kind of lacked a punch line. I understand that the cross (which is used to ward evil spirits away in some religions) was used to trick Sonic.exe and catch him off guard, but it seemed kind of predictable. Maybe an ending with more “omf” could be if the cross had a reference to a weapon or enemy in the sonic franchise that kills sonic instantly (regardless of how many rings he has), or he bleed rings until he died (and making the traditional sonic death sound).

Overall, really liked the visuals and your best use of sound, lighting and shading yet. Probably just focus on the delivery of the writing. Keep it up!

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